Callondoc is revolutionizing the telehealth system. We created a platform that will save you time and money while providing quality care in the comfort of your home. 

Studies have shown that the quality of healthcare delivered via telemedicine is as good as those given in traditional in-person consultations.

No contract or monthly subscriptions. Just pay per visit!

  • We treat a wide range of medical conditions
  • Refill your daily medications in between doctor's visit
  • Request lab tests or imaging
  • Request referrals to other doctors

Online Consultation (easy as 1-2-3) - Online Dr Consultation

Step 1: Complete a consultation form and Pay

prescription medication online

Step 2: Our medical providers evaluate and call in Rx within 2 hours

Step 3: Pick up medication at your pharmacy.

Our consultation fee does not cover medicines. Just like a doctor's office, patients are responsible for paying the pharmacy for medicines.

Refund Policy: 

Consultation fee is non-refundable once we send prescriptions to your pharmacy. We'll issue a full refund if we are unable to call in prescription. 

Important: Because of your safety, we do NOT prescribe dangerous drugs including narcotics, ambien, muscle relaxant, clonidine, gabapentin or any other controlled drugs.

Go to our prescription refill page to refill your daily medications.

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Business hour (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm CST and Saturday 10am-2pm CST).  

Consultation submitted off-hour will be processed the next business day

ASK-A-DOC (new feature)

Do you have a medical question or need a second opinion regarding a medical matter? Stop searching the web for the wrong answers. Get a reliable and personal answer from a US licensed medical practitioner. 

Ask a question with confidence. We will protect your privacy and keep your information safe.  


  1. Submit detailed questions with supporting documents.
  2. Make payment ($29.99)
  3. Get detailed answer via email or phone within 2 hours

Important: In this section, answers are provided over the phone or email. Prescriptions are not written. For prescriptions and  treatment, select one of the conditions listed above


Q1. How does Ask a Doctor work?

A. Ask a detailed question to a US licensed medical provider. A complete response will be delivered to you via email within 2 hours

Q2. What types of questions can I ask? 

A. You may ask any general medical questions you would ordinarily ask your family doctor 

Q3. What services are included?

A. We provide recommendations and second opinion to general medical questions. These recommendations may not be the final diagnosis or treatment

Q4. Will the medical information I share remain confidential?

A. CallOnDoc highly respects patient confidentiality. We follow HIPAA guidelines to keep your data secure and safe. Personal information will not be given or sold to unaffiliated third parties.