General FAQs

No, since we cannot physically examine you, we must be very selective as to who we treat. You will be referred to a local doctor if your condition requires an in-person evaluation. We do not treat emergency or complicated conditions. If this arises, we will refund you.
You may submit a consultation 24/7 which would be reviewed during business hours.. Business hours: Monday - Friday 5am CT to Midnight CT, and Weekends 7am-9pm. Consultation submitted after our regular business will be on hold until we resume the following morning.
Online Consultations allow you to consult a medical provider at any convenient time via email, phone or SMS after submitting a health form and pictures. This offers an option to record a 2 minute video and submit to us for review without you having to leave your home. Live video is a real time video consultation with a medical provider.
This depends on your condition and location. You'll be prompted according if you a video consultation is necessary
Each state has specific requirements for telemedicine. Depending on the severity of your condition and preference, we may conduct a live video conferencing.

Email FAQs

Typically 2 hours. However check your spam folder, and missed calls , if there is a question that a provider needs answered before sending your prescription they will typically email or call you. A delay in prescription is most commonly due to to an unreplied email.
Check your spam folder. If there isn’t an email confirmation, then email the website, at
Send your email directly to us at

Consultation Form FAQs

The best thing is to email the site at
You may click on the 'ask a question' which can be found on our consultation page. You will receive a response via email if we can help you
You may email us directly at to cancel before we complete your consultation. You will not be eligible for cancellation or a refund if we've already sent your prescriptions to the pharmacy.
No, we only treat mild and uncomplicated conditions. Any condition that may require acute care will be refunded and instructed to follow up in the ER.
As long as the medication is not controlled, and is appropriate therapy you may write your preferred drug in the comment section at the end of your consultation page. If appropriate and safe, we will try to oblige the patient

Payment FAQs

No, we do not accept any insurance carriers at this moment. You may use your insurance to pay for your drug at the pharmacy, for your labs and other third-party tests
Please check to make sure you have entered all of your billing information correctly. If you still cannot enter your payment call the clinic directly and pay over the phone.

Refund FAQs.

Consultation fee is non-refundable once we send prescriptions to your pharmacy. You're not eligible for a refund simply because of medication cost or insurance coverage. You will be fully refund if we are unable to treat you. If the pharmacy claims they don't have your prescription, email us immediately at We will resend your prescription. Consultation fee will not be refunded if you do not report missing prescription via email in a timely manner
Simply email us at We’ll refund you full amount if we are unable to send your prescription. However, consultation fee is not refundable once we have sent your Rx
No, we cannot guarantee that you will be cured, however we treat every condition with standard of care. If you have not improved you will need to be evaluated by a local physician in your area.
Your payment only covers your consultation with a medical provider. You still have to pay for the medicine when you go to the pharmacy
It is the patient’s responsibility to pay for their medication. Your consultation fee is not refundable simply because you cannot pay for your medication or your insurance refuses to cover the medication cost. We are happy to substitute for an affordable option, if available.

Pharmacy FAQs

Please call the pharmacy and speak to the pharmacy tech directly as the automated system is not updated as quickly. If you have spoken to the pharmacy tech and they do not have your prescription please email us and inform us directly at . We will resend your prescription. We will not issue refund if you simply claim your pharmacy did not receive your Rx without allowing us rectify the issue first.
Sometimes a pharmacy may not be able to fill a prescription due to changing telemedicine laws in your specific state, although this rarely happens it can, at that point we will issue you a full refund.
In rare circumstances, transmission issue may occur and pharmacy may not immediately receive your new prescription. Don't panic, simply email us and we are happy to resend a new prescription ASAP
It’s important to inform us via email immediately if your pharmacy does not have your Rx. Report any other pharmacy issues to us via email Consultation fee will not be refunded if you do not report missing prescription via email in a timely manner
Yes, first call your pharmacy to transfer your Rx to the new pharmacy. You can email us if the pharmacy is not helpful

Prescription FAQs

We do not have any influence on the cost of the prescription. Your fee is for the consultation. This is not grounds for a refund. We are happy to substitute for an affordable Rx if available.
We treat patients that submits an electronic consultation and meets criteria for treatment. Your partner must go go through the electronic consultation process and consent to treatment
You must fill out a prescription refill form every time you are requesting a refill ,even if you have used our services in the past.
No, that is a controlled substance.
Just like any doctor's office, our consultation fee does not include the cost of medication. You are responsible for paying for the medication cost charged by your pharmacy

Correspondence FAQs

Your prescription will be sent to the pharmacy wishing 2 hours of successfully submitting a consultation. We will notify via email or text when we have sent your Rx to your pharmacy. Providing a working email and cellphone is essential. A delay in prescription is most commonly due to to an error or un-replied email.
You should immediately receive a notification via email that your consultation and payment was submitted successfully. A follow-up email or text notification will be sent after we successfully send your prescription to the pharmacy
Check your spam folder. If there isn’t an email confirmation, then email us at

Pediatrics FAQs

CallonDoc can treat anyone age 2 or older
Once you submit a questionnaire form, you'll be able to chat with a medical provider via phone or video
We treat a wide range of pediatric conditions such as ear infections, respiratory illnesses, sinusitis, asthma and much more
Our doctors understand the limitations of telemedicine and what is appropriate for an in-person visit. You'll be fully refunded and referred for appropriate care
We do not provide care for severely ill or unstable patients. A legal guardian must be present at all times