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We realize that there are a lot of choices when it comes to being treated online via telemedicine. Some sites make you pay for a subscription, some require insurance, some just seem too complicated to even know where to begin. It’s tough and we get it, which is why we keep CallonDoc as simple as possible. Don’t just take our word for it, we have over 31,000 Five Star reviews from people just like you who tried CallonDoc for the first time and were blown away by the simplicity and affordability of our services.


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CallonDoc is a simple self-pay option for virtual healthcare with no-strings-attached, no fine print and no funny business. No insurance is necessary either so you don’t have to worry about whether our doctors are in-network or not, or be afraid of a big bill coming in the mail. We even offer a 100% Risk Free Refund Guarantee which means if we can’t treat you, we refund you.


Affordability and transparency are what separates CallonDoc from many of the other telemedicine providers available online. With CallonDoc you know exactly what the cost is up front which is generally less than your average co-pay through insurance and there are no subscriptions or plans you need to buy into. Simply pay when you need it and if we can’t treat you we refund you.


The words convenience and healthcare typically never belong in the same sentence together but with CallonDoc our definition of healthcare is convenience. We provide patients access to medical care from US board certified physicians 24/7/365 on a user friendly and easy to use platform. Even if you have never used telemedicine before you can find the condition you want treated, create an account and complete the entire intake process typically in less then 10 minutes. Each of our consultations is tailored to the condition you want to have treated so there is no need to fill out page after page of unrelated health information like we all have had to do at one time or another in a traditional doctor’s office.


When you’re sick you want to get better as fast a possible which is why in addition to having one of the fastest consultation processes in the industry we also offer a Two Hour Guarantee which means as soon as you complete your consultation your prescription will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice anywhere in the US within two hours, if not sooner.


If you’re like nearly half of the American population who take prescribed medication on a regular basis and all you need is to get a prescription refill then there is no better option than CallonDoc. We have a simple prescription refill process that takes only minutes to complete that will allow our physicians to send a prescription refill to the pharmacy of your choice anywhere in the US. Whether you're out of town or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of going to your doctor’s office for a simple prescription refill, CallonDoc can take care of it in a matter of minutes.


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Now that we’ve covered how CallonDoc is one of the most convenient telemedicine providers out there let’s talk about quality. Most telemedicine providers out there treat online consultations like the Uber drivers of medicine. If a doctor has a few extra hours at lunch during the week and wants to make some extra cash they sign up and the patient is treated like a number. At CallonDoc, our doctors are employed fulltime in-house which means you get a doctor who is dedicated to providing the best quality of care possible on behalf of the CallonDoc team. The result of this is having some of the highest levels of quality in the telemedicine industry. Our doctors are consistently graded on not just their ability to practice medicine but on the quality of service they provide to the patient as well. This is why Callondoc is one of the highest-rated and reviewed telemedicine providers in the industry.


In short, CallonDoc has affordable and transparent pricing, a risk free refund policy, a wide range of treatments, doctors who care that are available 24/7 and the medical care you need you within two hours, day or night.  Get the healthcare you deserve with


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