1. What is CallOnDoc?

CallOnDoc is an affordable and convenient online platform created by US licensed medical team to make quality care available to everyone. Our unique and secure approach makes it possible to see a doctor without you having to leave your home.

2. How do I use CallOnDoc.com?

You can access a medical provider online from your smartphone, desktop or ipad to easily refill your empty prescriptions, request affordable lab test and get treatment for minor illness

Simply answer few questions, select pharmacy or lab and you are done. 

We will send your prescription electronically.

Please refer to our How It Works page for more information.

3. Do I still need a Doctor?

Prescriptme.com is not a substitute a doctor’s visit. We are committed to providing sound medical information based on received information. For more serious cases we recommend that you see a physician in person.

4. How do I know it’s really a medical practitioner reviewing my case?

Only licensed practitioners are authorized to prescribe medication in the US. Callondoc.com was established and run by practicing family and internal medicine practitioners with several years of medical experience. Our partners are required to complete background checks along with a screening test, and are committed to delivering the highest quality of care.

5. How do I know my case has been recieved?

If you have downloaded the app you will receive a push notification as well as email notification to your email on file of your case status , if you are using the web version notifications will be sent only via emails.

6. How can I pay?

Don't accept itunes/Google Checkout, credit/debit card and Paypal.

How is CallOnDoc different

Do you prescribe controlled medication

We DO NOT honor request for refill of controlled or dangerous

Do i still have to pay the pharmacist for my medication


Do i still have to pay the Lab for blood work


Why CallOnDoc

CallOnDoc is NOT a telemedicine platforms so we don't require face-to-face. We make your experience much convenient and fast. CallOnDoc utilize carefully formulated comprehensive medical questions to evaluate your health issues and offer appropriate treatment.

How long does it take to ger Lab or Xray result

Most labs and xray center will take about 3-5 days to process

Is my information secure

HIPAA compliant, encryted to keep your records safe and secure

and labs and xray report are via secured route

Insurance not accepted at this time.